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Portfolio Companies

Our family of portfolio companies is involved in sectors of industry ranging from networking to software to life sciences.  Click on a link below to learn more about any of the companies in our portfolio.

Prisa Networks (sold to EMC)
Prisa Networks is the leader in network-management-software solutions for storage, server, and system area networks.

Lpath (became public in 2005)
Lpath is a developer of a novel platform technology for the diagnosis and treatment of various cancers as well as inflammatory diseases and heart disease. They are the first company ever to produce a monoclonal antibody to a lysolipid; this antibody has shown compelling results against severe forms of human cancer in mouse models.

Mpex Pharmaceuticals (sold to Axcan)
Mpex Pharmaceuticals is focused on the discovery and development of new antibiotics that meet the growing clinical need created by multi-drug resistant bacterial pathogens.

Neology (sold to Smartrac)
Neology is a maker of highly functional, yet low-cost, RFID tags
with a wide variety of applications. Neology's primary focus currently is in the security and life sciences sectors.

Endonetics  (sold to Medtronic)
Endonetics is a developer of two novel endoscopic technologies, one diagnostic
and one therapeutic, that will have a significant impact on the gastroenterologist's ability to manage patients with gastro esophageal reflux disease [GERD].

DermTech International
DermTech International has developed a procedure for non-invasively detecting biological markers in
skin cells. This procedure has wide-ranging applications in diagnostics, pharmacogenomics, and functional genomics.      

BioQuest (sold to Balboa)
BioQuest is a manufacturer of patented water-treatment devices and sensor technologies for use in spa, pool, fountain, and cooling-tower applications.

Vaxiion Therapeutics
Vaxiion has developed a novel vaccine delivery platform that has applications across a wide range of diseases.